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Spellbook Company's logo


Toronto 2022

We're on a mission to make legal services more affordable & accessible, while helping lawyers do more of the work they love. In 2022, we launched Spellbook, the first generative AI copilot for lawyers, taking the legal industry by storm. Spellbook helps lawyers quickly draft language, flag risks, and derive insights from legal documents. We've been been scaling to keep up with demand ever since and have just closed a major round of financing. We’re excited to bring highly motivated teammates onboard who are passionate about adding real customer value, getting their hands dirty, and sweating the small stuff.

Anyscale Company's logo


San Francisco 2019

Any developer. Any skill level. Anyscale. Machine learning and AI are urgent competitive necessities, but companies struggle with scale, production, and expertise. With Ray and Anyscale, developers of all skill levels can easily build applications that run at any scale, from a laptop to a data center. Our mission Every developer and every team should be able to succeed with AI without worrying about building and managing infrastructure. To make that possible, we aim to remove distributed systems expertise from the critical path of realizing the business potential of AI.

Lightning AI Company's logo

Lightning AI

New York 2019

Lightning AI is the company reimagining the way AI is built. After creating and releasing PyTorch Lightning in 2019, Lightning AI was launched to reshape the development of artificial intelligence products for commercial and academic use. Focusing on simplicity, sustainability, modularity, and extensibility, Lightning AI streamlines the lifecycle of machine learning development to expand widespread AI adoption. Its aim is to enable individual and enterprise users to build deployment-ready AI tools without having to hire experts or sink resources into in-house infrastructure. Lightning AI is a company with offices in New York City, Palo Alto, and London backed by $58.6 million in funding from Coatue, Index Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Firstminute.

Steamship Company's logo


Washington 2022

Build and deploy full-stack AI packages with everything included: data import, conversion, training, inference, query, and business logic. Steamship packages scale into the cloud, so you never have to think about infrastructure again. Steamship lets you add bundles of targeted, full-lifecycle language understanding to your software in minutes. We call these bundles “packages”. They import into your code like regular software packages, but they run on our auto-managed stack in the cloud.

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