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Boston 2021

Our mission is to use AI to make science accessible and consumable for all. Our vision is to be the go-to source in anyone's search for expert information. Searching for vetted, unbiased information has long been an arduous and painful process. It is our belief that, if used thoughtfully, carefully, and elegantly, artificial intelligence can finally change this equation.

Papercup Company's logo


London 2017

At Papercup, we’re doing something totally new: making the world’s videos watchable in any language through the power of AI. ‍ It takes diverse people to make this happen, because together they make the best things. No kidding – the team speaks 20 languages. It takes people who are comfortable forging a path; people unafraid to own their roles, embrace learning and fail fast. And this only happens in a workplace that truly values people, nurtures their potential and empowers their growth. ‍ Creating something that's never existed offers big rewards; best of all – the chance to make your mark. To be one part of a team breaking down language barriers and empowering millions of people to watch content in their own language.

Veed Company's logo


London 2018

VEED.IO is an online video editing platform with a simple mission: enabling anyone to create professional-looking videos. For too long, video creation has been inaccessible to so many people — you’ve had to download & learn complicated software, and buy expensive equipment. What if you could create a video in five minutes, right from your browser? That’s what we’re building here at VEED. We're already used by millions of creators around the world — from kids & grandparents to YouTubers, to companies like Amazon & Google — all using our products to tell stories, create content & grow their audience. Since we started VEED four years ago, we’ve grown faster than we could have ever imagined. We’ve gone from one user to millions. From no revenue to over $10M ARR. From bootstrapped to backed by Sequoia, one of the biggest VC firms in the world. From a team of two to a team of 150+. And we’re still growing — we’d love for you to be a part of our journey.

Spellbook Company's logo


Toronto 2022

We're on a mission to make legal services more affordable & accessible, while helping lawyers do more of the work they love. In 2022, we launched Spellbook, the first generative AI copilot for lawyers, taking the legal industry by storm. Spellbook helps lawyers quickly draft language, flag risks, and derive insights from legal documents. We've been been scaling to keep up with demand ever since and have just closed a major round of financing. We’re excited to bring highly motivated teammates onboard who are passionate about adding real customer value, getting their hands dirty, and sweating the small stuff.

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