About us

GPTDevs is a reverse job board that connects companies to talented generative AI developers open to new opportunities. We believe the job search process should be a two-way street, where job seekers and employers have equal opportunities to find the perfect match.

My mission is to empower developers in their job search because I understand the frustrations of traditional job boards.

Oli Guei, Founder at GPTDevs

We are dedicated to helping employers and recruiters find the best Generative AI devs and make the hiring process cheaper and efficient. We believe that the right people are the key to success, and we're committed to helping you find them.

We put developers in control of their job search and allow them to showcase their unique skills and qualifications so employers can easily find and send them job offers.

Our two person team is made up of an experienced tech hiring manager and a freelance data analyst and web developer who understand the challenges of the job search process. We strive to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for both developers and employers.

Frequently asked questions

What is GPTDevs?
GPTDevs is a talent search platform that connects companies to top Generative AI developers open to new opportunities.
Does it cost anything to join as a developer?
It's free to join as a developer. We make money from companies that use our service to find and hire developers.
Is there a vetting process and how does it work?
We're working on automating the vetting process. At the moment we manually screen each profile and reach out to developers with insufficient skills to help them better improve their chances of landing a job. We're also working on more learning resources that will upskill developers.
Can I find contract or short-term jobs on GPTDevs?
Yes. Companies that use GPTDevs do make a variety of job offers ranging from medium-term contract gigs to permanent and remote jobs. You can specify your employment preference on your profile and also negotiate employment terms that suit you with a potential employer.
What types of companies are hiring on GPTDevs?
We work with all types of companies. From recently launched/growing startups to large AI-focused companies such as Scale AI, InstaDeep, Square etc...

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