Pricing plan

We offer a streamlined service with transparent subscription pricing. Our standard plan offers full access to a growing pool of talented generative AI developers open to new opportunities. Start hiring candidates with experience ranging from Junior to Manager-level today.


$299 /month

+ 10% first-year salary

  • Exclusive access to AI developers

  • Hand-selected candidates every month

  • Email updates of new candidates

  • Unlimited messaging with developers

  • Expedited support from the founding team

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Send me an email at this address: [email protected]

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?
Yes. Use the billing link from the profile dropdown to cancel or pause your subscription. You will no longer have access to paid features at the end of your current billing period.
How does the 10% hiring fee work?
You are required to pay a 10% hiring fee of a developer's first-year salary if you find them through GPTDevs. This only applies to hiring full-time employees and not contractors or freelancers. Email us to coordinate payment at: [email protected].
Can I send multiple interview invites if I have multiple positions to fill?
Yes. You can communicate with multiple candidates and send multiple interview invites for various dev positions.
Is the interview and hiring process organized on GPTDevs?
You can message candidates on GPTDevs and arrange the interview and subsequent steps via third-party platforms.
Do you offer custom plans?
Not at the moment. However, we are working on creating customized plans for employers in need of something from our standard plan.
Does it cost anything to join as a developer?
It's free to join as a developer. We make money from companies that use our service to find and hire developers.

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Find and hire top generative AI developers who are actively looking for new job opportunities rather than wasting time on passive candidates.

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