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I'm a versatile full-stack developer with a knack for AI and automation. Passionate about tackling complex challenges, I thrive on creating efficient, robust, and scalable solutions using a wide array of technologies and frameworks.

I'm Tanush Yadav, a full-stack developer with over three years of industry experience. My professional journey is decorated with diverse projects that have sharpened my skills and broadened my proficiency in multiple languages and frameworks. My development adventure began with Python, lured by its readability and versatility. This led me to work on a variety of projects spanning domains such as education and cybersecurity, reinforcing the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in the field of technology. My path then took a turn towards the development of Learning Management Systems and Quiz Platforms for Progressive Minds, using Django and React. My journey then extended to MERN stack where I worked on several platforms like Practus and KoinPR. One of my notable assignments was with Mavex AI, where I was part of the team transitioning from Python utilities and DialogFlow to a LangChain system. This shift not only optimized our scheduling and user-input systems but also played a crucial role in securing pre-seed funding. Most recently, I was associated with CloudDefense.ai, where I worked on developing secure AWS policies for users via Python and CloudTrail. This demanding task culminated in the successful launch of a live CIEM feature. My technical skill set is diverse and encompasses Python and Django for backend tasks, and Node.js & Express.js for server-side operations. When it comes to frontend development, I am proficient in both React and Vue.js. Moreover, I utilize FastAPI for creating APIs, especially during the transition from scripts to APIs. I am adept at navigating these and other technologies to deliver robust and efficient solutions. I firmly believe that the technology industry demands continuous learning and adaptability, and I am always up for such challenges. I look forward to applying my unique amalgamation of skills and experiences to contribute to my next role.

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AI/ML & NLP Practitioner | ⚙️MLops

🤖 I'm an student pursuing a degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence immersing myself in the world of AI. As an AI/ML practitioner and NLP professional with a deep passion for the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). With a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP). ⚙️ In addition to my NLP proficiency, I have experience in MLops (Machine Learning Operations). This enables me to optimize the end-to-end lifecycle of ML models, from designing scalable pipelines to ensuring robust deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. 💡 Furthermore, I have developed a quite good experience with Large Language Models (LLMs). I have dedicated considerable time and effort to understanding their architecture and leveraging their capabilities. LLMs can tackle challenging NLP tasks, such as language generation, summarization, sentiment analysis and unlocking new possibilities. ⚡️ I am currently collaborating with the Advanced Engineer School to advance the field of code analysis and code documentation generation through the development of a new framework. with this collaboration I will get the opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of large language models (LLMs) 🌐 Looking ahead, I am always open to collaboration. If you have an innovative idea that requires the expertise of an AI/ML and NLP. Let's connect and create something remarkable together, harnessing the potential of AI to make a meaningful difference in the world! LinkedIn :linkedin.com/in/khush-patel-kp