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Python Fullstack/nextjs/Langchain/Chat GPT/openai/Twilio

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I can help u if u wanna build a nextjs app, (backend with python), AI app , emebd openai or lanchain in your web app or local script , create a chatbot for your web page, chat over a long document , handle query operations over vectordb (pinecone, weaviate, ...) , general python script

I can help you with:

💥NLP Tasks💥
✅ Text Generation and classification
✅ chatbot with chatgpt3,4 (Discord, ..)
✅Chatting over a specific files
✅Langchain (Agents, indexes)
✅Handling vectordb operations like Pincone

💥Web Development 💥
⚡ Flask APIs, DRF
⚡ Streamlit and gradio web apps
⚡ Fullstack app (React, nextjs, firebase)

💥Programming Languages 💥
✅ JavaScript
✅ React
✅ Java
✅ Julia

💥DataBase 💥
⚡ Mongodb
⚡ Firebase

🚩Bots 🚩⚡
💥 Discord