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Python developer with extensive experience in data, generative AI and web development

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Hey, I'm Oli - the founder of this platform.

I'm a skilled and experienced senior Python developer, data analyst, and generative AI developer with extensive knowledge in web development. With over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, I have honed my skills in building and maintaining robust software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

I have many years of experience with Jupyter Notebooks for data analysis and machine learning tasks. My experience also includes working on a wide range of datasets and using various data visualisation tools to extract meaningful insights from data.

I am also a talented generative AI developer with experience in building ChatGPT plugins and training models for natural language processing, image generation, and music composition.

In addition to my data analysis and machine learning skills, I have a solid background in web development with proficiency in using Django, Rails and React to build scalable and secure web applications.