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Seeking to use technology as a means of improving people's lives through AI/ML. As the transistor revolution has shaped today's society, I believe AI/ML is the way forward. To this end, I focused my master's studies on NLP, and I currently work as a Data Scientist/ML Engineer at the CESAR innovation center, which produced the following achievements:

  • A Multigenre Part-of-Speech Tagger for Brazilian Portuguese (Porttagger): current state of the art based on the BERTtimbau language model (Portuguese BERT)
  • Lip (image) segmentation and lipstick application for people with visual impairments

My expertise extends to programming in Python and utilizing a range of essential libraries, including PyTorch, MLFlow, Hugging Face, OpenCV, and more. I thrive on tackling complex challenges in AI/ML and am excited to explore how these technologies can continue to drive positive change in our world.