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Software Engineer | Determined, persistent, lifelong-learner

I am motivated to apply to one of the most groundbreaking industries of our time, to contribute to the efforts of utilizing AI for the betterment of society, and contributing against any potential alignment threat, by any capacity I'm entrusted, to the utmost of my abilities and without compromise. I am driven by the transformative potential of AI and automation, and how they can drive meaningful change. Since February 2023, I have been independently working on https://librechat.ai, an enhanced ChatGPT clone with multi-user login system, multiple AI providers to choose from, and AI agency through plugins, which now has over 1000 stars and 280 forks on github. In May, I shared my progress on reddit of reverse-engineering the ChatGPT plugins functionality before the OpenAI functions were released, and before many chat interfaces employed similar techniques. I was able to use the OpenAI API for agency of the AI with tools through LibreChat, inter-weaving into AI conversations the use of text-to-image generation with DALL-E and stable diffusion, as well as use of Wolfram, search engines, and web-scraping, as selected by the user. The post received over 100 upvotes and 20,000 views: https://www.reddit.com/r/GPT3/comments/13ggcv5/reverseengineeringchatgpt_plugins/. Since then, I've expanded the same reverse engineering through OpenAI functions. I have working proof-of-concepts in both python and JavaScript that mimic ChatGPT's handling of OpenAPI specs, and as well as for utilizing vector retrieval for expanded/improved context through documents. As I've already shared the Clone project, I would like to share my quick MVP of a python FastAPI that serves some of these functionalities: https://github.com/danny-avila/ai-services. As a scheduling manager who has learned to program, I have been able to create my own tools. I've developed automatic assignment and balancing tools, which I shared a video of on LinkedIn, showing over 400 real shifts for a single pay period being automated and balanced within a few minutes. This task would take me hours if not days with my previous tools and paid software solution. Due to the pricing and limitations of scheduling in the current SaaS market, I was inspired to take on this task, as my previous pre-planning and analysis methods had reached their limits. My goal is to provide a user-friendly interface for the next manager and make the backend even more flexible and robust. I'm currently studying machine learning and linear programming to advance optimization. You can see the video I shared here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/danny-avilaprogramming-automation-scheduling-activity-7036836068393906176-TKCC?utmsource=share&utmmedium=memberdesktop. I documented my progress, from beginning to end, on designing and scaling a legacy API into micro-services, serving up to 1000 requests per second, with less than 20 ms response time per request, and 0% error rates at this throughput under realistic test scenarios: https://gist.github.com/danny-avila/1387fef054da77737e1ce4d04172afe4. To achieve this, I utilized Postgres, express, NGINX, Redis, AWS EC2 instances, along with Pandas and NumPy for the ETL process of the legacy data. I made sure to index my data, and craft my schema and queries carefully for performance, flexibility and maintainability. I also ran stress tests with loader.io, as well as with the k6 suite, to measure performance along the way. I'm hoping to be considered by the merit of my independent open-source work and learning, and how I've helped people use AI tools effectively, in many capacities. At my current employment, I was able to automate much of my workflow, which involves managing a schedule of over 300 people, has helped our operations immensely. This kind of work, that multiplies exponentially in value as people engage with or even indirectly benefit from created tools, is incredibly fulfilling for me, even when I don't receive any kind of compensation or recognition for it.

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AI Prompt Engineer and Python Programmer

I'm an entry-level Python programmer and AI engineer who's incredibly passionate about what I do. My brother suggested I'd excel in this field, and while I was skeptical at first, once I started tinkering with AI models, it was like the sky had opened up and my head finally cleared. I didn't have to puzzle it all out by myself anymore. Hooked immediately and wanting to do more, I completed the AI Engineering Bootcamp on Udemy, taught by the brilliant minds of Michael Taylor and James Phoenix. My Python studies were moving at a snail's pace until I discovered the magic of AI. It helped me break down complex code, interpret it, and do more with it in the last 12 days than I have been able to do in the last 12 months. But I'm not just an Engineer. I've been creating Art since I was 5, and not just macaroni pictures. With a background in digital and fine art, I bring a unique perspective to the table. My in-depth knowledge of art history and techniques helps me collaborate with AI image-generating models in a way that brings out the best in both worlds. I take those hazy ideas and add an artistic twist, so the AI creates exactly what we're envisioning. My ultimate goal has always been to become a game developer, and with AI, the resources I need to do that have been cut down to a fraction of the size. I truly believe it's one of the most powerful tools in the gaming realm, and I can't wait to dive in and craft some impactful experiences. If you're on the lookout for a Python programmer and AI Prompt engineer who's enthusiastic and loves merging technology with creativity, send me a message. If you want to check out the work I have made, both with and without AI, check out my Website and Artstation respectively, linked on my profile.

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A dynamic and forward-thinking Full-Stack/AI Solutions Engineer with over 20 years of diverse experience. Passionate about integrating cutting-edge AI technologies with full-stack development to create innovative, customer-focused solutions.

David Elbel’s unique trajectory in the field of software development, rooted in 20+ years of professional experience, is a testament to his talent, commitment, and passion for the craft. Starting as a systems administrator, he journeyed through an expansive terrain of technologies, languages, and frameworks, ultimately culminating in his current role as a Senior Full-Stack/AI Solutions Engineer. This multifaceted experience has forged a profound understanding of the tech ecosystem that is invaluable in today's rapidly evolving digital world. His developer story began with mastering Javascript in the early 2000s, followed by the adoption of Node.js in 2009. His continuous curiosity led him to freelance as a full-stack engineer where he showed not only his technical capabilities in leveraging diverse technologies like React, Vue, and Angular, but also his adeptness at Agile workflows, CI/CD pipelines, and end-to-end testing frameworks. This solid foundation has been key to his later accomplishments in the field of AI. Recently, as the CTO of StoryPrism, he achieved an impressive milestone by building an AI-driven screenplay web application platform. This project, leveraging OpenAI GPT-3 language models and image diffusion models, showcases his prowess in melding full-stack development with AI technologies to create innovative solutions. His work is testament to his creativity and forward-thinking, employing technologies like NextJS, Typescript, Python, GraphQL, and many more to achieve results. His passion and determination to push boundaries came to fruition in the creation of a fully functional ChatGPT clone. This remarkable accomplishment demonstrated his command over Python and his ability to work with emerging AI generative technologies. It also reflected his robust full-stack development background, and his ability to bring the two worlds together. David's uniqueness lies in his ability to provide a 360-degree solution to problems, with experience in both software development and AI. This unique mix of skills makes him invaluable to any team, especially in today’s AI-driven world where having a robust understanding of both realms is becoming increasingly crucial. His years of experience and the breadth of his skills, combined with his creativity and customer-focused approach, set him apart as a distinguished developer. His resume speaks to a developer who is always at the forefront of new technologies, consistently exploring, learning, and pushing boundaries.

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Versatile, innovative, and detail-oriented developer with a passion for problem-solving and a strong foundation in various programming languages. Skilled in developing robust and scalable applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and adapting quickly to new challenges.

What sets me apart as a developer is my unwavering passion for Machine Learning systems. I am genuinely enthusiastic about exploring the possibilities that machine learning brings to the table, and I am always eager to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with this transformative technology. My unique perspective on Machine Learning stems from a blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and a creative mindset. With a strong educational background in machine learning algorithms, statistical analysis, and programming languages, I possess a solid foundation that enables me to understand the theoretical aspects of the field. Moreover, I actively stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the Machine Learning domain, continuously expanding my knowledge base to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. What truly distinguishes me is my ability to translate complex machine learning concepts into practical solutions that deliver tangible results. I have hands-on experience in developing and deploying machine learning models across various industries, ranging from healthcare and finance to e-commerce and recommendation systems. I thrive in taking on challenges and devising innovative approaches to solve real-world problems using machine learning techniques. In addition to my technical skills, I excel at collaborating with cross-functional teams and effectively communicating complex technical ideas to non-technical stakeholders. This enables me to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and business objectives, ensuring that Machine Learning solutions align with strategic goals and deliver tangible value to the organization. As a developer, my dedication to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of Machine Learning advancements allows me to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. I embrace new technologies, frameworks, and methodologies, always striving to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and drive meaningful outcomes. In summary, my passion for Machine Learning systems, combined with my strong technical foundation, creative problem-solving skills, and ability to bridge the gap between technical and business domains, make me a unique and valuable asset as a developer. I am eager to contribute my expertise and drive impactful outcomes for potential employers in the exciting field of Machine Learning.

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Generative AI freelance developer

Hi, I'm a machine learning engineer with over 5 years of experience working in the industry. I specialise in developing custom machine learning solutions for businesses of all sizes, and I'm passionate about using data-driven approaches to solve complex problems. As a freelance machine learning engineer, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail. My clients appreciate my ability to develop solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements, and I pride myself on delivering high-quality work on time and within budget. One of my most notable projects involved developing a predictive analytics system for a large healthcare provider. The system used machine learning algorithms to analyse patient data and predict the likelihood of readmission. The solution was highly accurate and led to significant cost savings for the healthcare provider. In addition to my development work, I also enjoy working with clients to help them understand the capabilities and limitations of machine learning. I believe that it's important for clients to have a deep understanding of the technologies they are using, and I strive to provide clear and concise explanations of the work I'm doing. As a freelancer, I enjoy the flexibility and variety that comes with working on different projects for different clients. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow, and I'm excited about the potential for machine learning to transform a wide range of industries. If you're interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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